Marine Engine Repair

Inboard and Outboard Motor Repair

The fastest, most affordable marine motor repair in South Florida
Get An Inboard/Outboard Marine Motor Mechanic You Can Trust
At Ekor Yacht Services, we are dedicated to making sure our clients spend less time and money paying for repairs and more time doing what they love – getting out on the water.
We provide a full range of marine motor repair services, including outboard motor repairs and inboard motor repairs.
We can come to you and repair your boat or yacht motor at your location or we can pick it up and bring it back to our repair center and have the repair done that way. Whether it’s routine maintenance or service to completely rebuilding your motor, we at Ekor are up to the task. Marine motors are tricky and not every technician is qualified to do these repairs and a mistake could cost you thousands more than what you originally thought it would cost.
Get the best, most professional marine motor mechanics on your side and call Ekor Yacht Services!



Honda Motor Repair

Affordable, professional, quality work done at a great price. If you need to get your Honda marine motor serviced contact us at Ekor Yacht Services today! Not only can our crew fix your Honda motor in a timely fashion, we’ll also save you a ton of money doing so. Don’t wait another day when we can get you back on the water in no time!

Evinrude Johnson Motor Repair

First class, professional and affordable Evinrude Johnson motor mechanics right here! The Ekor crew has serviced hundreds of these over the years and at an affordable price! If you’re experiencing issues with your Evinrude Johnson motor get in contact with the Ekor crew today! We can fix you Evinrude Johnson motor in no time at all and get you back to doing what you do best, enjoying your investment.

Mercury Motor Repair

Professional, affordable, quality Mercury motor repair done at the best price. Need your Mercury motor repaired as soon as possible? Contact Ekor Yacht Services today! Our crew can fix your Mercury motor faster than anyone in town and at the best price! It sounds too good to be true but it isn’t! Contact our crew today and get your Mercury motor running like it’s brand new.

Suzuki Motor Repair

Reasonably priced, qualified Suzuki motor repair experts are right around the corner from you. If you need to get your Suzuki marine motor serviced contact us at Ekor Yacht Services today! Our crew of certified experts can fix your Suzuki motor and make it run like its brand new. If your Suzuki motor is giving you issues don’t waste another minute, contact one of our specialists now!

Yahama Motor Repair

Experiencing issues with your Yahama marine motor? Need some routine maintenance on your motor? Check in with Ekor Yacht Services to get your Yahama motor serviced today! Our motor repair experts are waiting for your call to get to work on any issue you may be experiencing. The Ekor crew is on standby at all times to assist you with your Yahama motor repair. Contact us today!

Nissan Motor Repair

When it comes to servicing and repairing Nissan marine motors the Ekor crew is second to none. Our certified marine motor mechanics will give you the best price and make your Nissan motor working like its brand new. Over the years, we have serviced hundreds of these motors so if you’re experiencing issues with your Nissan marine motor contact us now!